About Us

Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted is a 501(c)(6) regional trade association of growers (farms and ranches) and crafters (food and beverage manufacturers), and proud home of the Grown & Crafted brand.


The Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted label connects you to the source and all that our bountiful region has to offer:
fertile soil, clean water, sustainable agriculture, quality ingredients, integrity and craftsmanship in production, and a rich food history and culture.


To support and promote a thriving and sustainable food and beverage industry in the Willamette Valley.


We envision a robust food and beverage industry in the Willamette Valley that is recognized as a premiere source of natural, sustainable and organic foods.

What we do

Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted promotes and supports regional creators of high-quality food and beverages through our brand. We provide opportunities and resources for our members to connect and increase their visibility within our community and beyond. We aim to solidify the Willamette Valley’s reputation as an international culinary destination that attracts tourism, investment and thoughtful innovation to our region.

Why we do it

Our members provide creative solutions to a broken, industrialized food system. “Fixing it at home” creates a ripple effect that impacts other communities and inspires the next generation of farmers, processors and food innovators.

We value

  • Living and working sustainably
  • A robust local food economy as a tenant of sustainability
  • Collaborating to make things better for all
  • Our community
  • Full transparency

The Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted label positively impacts our local economy

  • It increases the visibility of locally grown and value-added products for area consumers
  • Identifies quality Willamette Valley products for statewide, national and international buyers
  • Generates awareness of the quality and diversity of Willamette Valley’s agricultural products
  • Showcases the many high caliber food processing businesses located in our region
  • Positions our regional products as prized and valuable
  • Invites visitors to share the bounty and identifies the region as a food tourism destination

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A 2012 survey of food sector businesses in Lane County identified creating a regional food brand as a top priority. The participants recognized the Willamette Valley has something special to offer. Representatives from the public and private sectors partnered to research, design and develop a marketing strategy for the brand. It’s time to tap into the demand created by the local food movement and increase the visibility of foods grown and processed here. And with the nationwide popularity of Willamette Valley wines and brews, the timing is also ripe for sharing our bounty with consumers outside of the region.

Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted (formerly the Willamette Valley Sustainable Food Alliance), is a 501(c)(6) Trade Association working to support and promote a thriving and sustainable food and beverage industry in the Willamette Valley. The association owns the trademark for the Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted logo.

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