Board of Directors

Lynne Fessenden


Glory Bee
Save the Bee and Environmental Stewardship Manager

Everyone eats. We all have a food story, which makes our food system work so powerful. After working to promote local farms for over a decade and being a partner in the genesis of Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted, I have joined the WVSFA board to see our regional food brand launched!

Amy Bradsher


Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
Deputy Director

As a community, we need to ensure that our local food production is sustainable and rewarding for the people involved. I appreciate the opportunity to do what I can to support and grow our local food system.

Darcey Howard

Board Member

Coconut Bliss
Director of Marketing

My personal mission is to see that more people have a positive relationship with the food they eat. One way to fulfill that is by connecting myself to the bounty of good food that is grown and crafted in this region and be an advocate for it within my community and the rest of the world. I believe that the Willamette Valley has the ability to become a true food destination for adventurous and conscious souls that actively seek an experience with the food they eat.

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