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Coconut Bliss

We create divinely creamy dairy free frozen desserts. We started with joy and passion, freezing creamy coconut milk into its most divine form. We added pure and simple ingredients to create an abundance of flavors that are certified organic, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. Whether you’re vegan, gluten free, paleo, or just want a delicious frozen dessert, you’ve found it! Coconut Bliss® is The Evolution of Ice Cream®

Coconut Bliss
Eugene, OR 97440
(541) 345-0020

Our Bike Cart can be found roaming the parks of Eugene.

USDA Certified Organic, Other

Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher Pareve, Non-GMO Verified

We create divinely creamy dairy free frozen desserts. Our line of products include 14 pint flavors, 8 bar flavors, and 2 cookie sandwich flavors.

Online, Retail

Find our frozen treats at a grocer near you! You can also find us at select festivals and events throughout the year.

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GOLD LEED certification 2017
Women’s Choice Award 2016/2017
Delicious Living Award 2016
“The awards celebrate brands that source ingredients to better people and planet, improve transparency in manufacturing practices and make healthy eating more accessible. Importantly, each winning product had to be ultra-tasty, too!”

Sustainability Highlights

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our community and the planet. Our company culture encourages and supports sustainable practices at all levels of our business. Our products are created with thought and care, and environmental impact is at the forefront of our decision making. We partner with companies that are environmentally conscious to source certified organic ingredients that are ethically produced. Our intent is continuous improvement in our practices and business model.

Company Mission Statement We create blissful experiences through exceptionally delicious, organic, plant-based desserts that our customers can trust. We embody transparency, integrity, and respect for our employees and our business partners. We are an example of how business can be abundant, inspiring and kind to the Earth and all beings.

Coconut Bliss has been certified organic since 2006 and we continue to maintain organic certification across all product lines. Our cocoa, coffee, and chocolate are all certified Fair Trade. We are proud to be part of the fair trade movement that supports these farmers and their dedication to work and community. Coconut Bliss is dedicated to cultivating positive, lasting relationships with our suppliers and partners.

In an ongoing effort to optimize HQ waste stream diversion Coconut Bliss hosted a Master Recycler from the City of Eugene to present a training to the entire staff. The benefit of this training is not only to our office recycling program but many individuals were able to take lessons back to their home recycling practices. We plan to have yearly trainings for the team to reinforce good recycling habits and expand on this knowledge. The goal is to empower individuals to take this knowledge to their personal networks to increase understanding and functionality. TOTAL Diverted from Bliss HQ 1,485.84 lbs.

100% of our headquarters electricity comes from Green Power.

We support the Bonneville Environmental Fund by purchasing Water Restoration Certificates (WRC’s) for all of our office water usage. These certificates support BEF in their work to restore aquatic habitats and flows, promote and fund water conservation projects among water rights holders, and innovate to create water security for both wilderness and agricultural use. Coconut Bliss purchased 46 WRC’s® which is equivalent to 46,000 gallons of water restored to critically dewatered rivers and streams or the equivalent water in 9200 standard five gallon water cooler containers.

Our Team is comprised of 25 outstanding individuals. The majority of our team is located in Eugene, OR with 2 team members residing in Kansas and Colorado.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative In an ongoing effort to align our business practices with our role as socially responsible global citizens, we set out to establish a method of giving back to and empowering the communities that our ingredients are grown and sourced from. This year, we are taking steps to research and establish a relationship with a non-profit organization based in the Philippines that is focused on educating girls and women and establishing natural disaster resilient communities. In his pivotal book Drawdown, Paul Hawkins emphasizes that empowering girls and women has the potential to be the #1 solution to climate change.