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Springfield Creamery

Long known as pioneers in probiotics, Springfield Creamery, the makers of Nancy's Yogurt, was the first U.S. creamery to add beneficial bacteria such as L. acidophilus to its yogurt almost 40 years ago – a move that forever changed the cultured dairy industry. In the same innovative spirit, the creamery began producing a cultured milk called kefir in 1975, and quickly built a loyal fan base impressed by the real fruit and creamy texture. Still committed to small batch production and doing things the old-fashioned way, all Nancy’s products are free of cane sugars, colorings, additives or anything artificial.

Springfield Creamery
Eugene, OR 97402
USDA Certified Organic

Whole milk and low fat yogurts, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, and now our NEW non-dairy Oatmilk yogurt!

Find our products at a grocer near you!

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Sustainability Highlights

We’ve supported sustainable farming for decades, and many of our suppliers are local longtime partners and friends.

It all starts simply, with fresh milk and live cultures. We pasteurize our fresh milk first—ensuring the live cultures are alive and ready to do their job. We then carefully nurture the beneficial bacteria, creating the perfect environment for them to grow, thrive, and multiply to the optimal levels for your good health. The magic of live cultures means we never use thickeners or gelatins—our cultures do the work!

Our milk comes from right here in Oregon, made with care by farmers who share our love for their cows and the fresh, healthy milk they produce.
We’re fortunate to receive milk from local family farms we’ve known for years and trust like neighbors. The farms we work with are small—no big factory farms for us! Our farmers pledge to never use the artificial growth hormone rBGH/rBST, and our milk is always free of herbicides, pesticides, and any trace of antibiotics.
We only use real strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and other fruit in Nancy’s products. Real fruit, sourced as locally as possible—some just minutes from our creamery.

We look for little ways to reduce our impact every day, from energy-efficient lighting throughout our creamery to a conscious materials recycling program.
And our durable BPA-free containers—fondly known as Nancysware—are reusable in all sorts of ways. From popcorn tubs and planters, to birdhouses and art-supply storage—environmentally minded Nancy’s fans have inspired us with creative re-uses for our containers from the beginning.

A 63.5 kW solar electric system provides a portion of the power for our creamery — yes, the sun DOES shine in Oregon! Since installing solar in 2008, we’ve generated the energy equivalent of 209 tons of carbon.

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