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Kurzhal Family Kickin' Pickles

Matt and I started our business in 2011, when my daughter was just 2 years old. It began by making just 60 jars of our famous jalapeno dill pickles. Dad had made them for years from his mother, Jean’s, recipe… but adding that extra kick of jalapeno and red chili flakes. We just loved those pickles and asked for them every time we saw him! So it was time for us to make our own. Of course, we shared our specialty pickles that we were so proud of and our friends went crazy over them, begging us to sell them!

Kurzhal Family Kickin' Pickles
Noti, OR 97461
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No awards yet! The Good Food Award was just submitted! And Just personal satisfaction from hearing all the raves when people call to tell us how much they love our stuff!

Sustainability Highlights

We use about 3 acres of our 20, to grow our cucumbers and pepper plants.

Processing practices:
We use apple cider vinegar to pickle our products. Using old fashion hand canning with waterbath canners.

As you may already know, our pickles are made the old fashioned way, with apple cider vinegar, salt and organic spices. Our goal is to supply you with a quality product that is additive-free with a unique homemade flavor that stands out from the rest. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Organically grown company is where we get our other produce, like beets, carrots and beans. Our eggs are from Wilcox farms and are organic. Our garlic is from Christopher ranch and is organic. Our asparagus is considered one of the clean 15 vegetables and is not organic but is NON-GMO and grown in Washington.

We started using 55 gallon drums of vinegar instead of single gallons due to no longer being able to recycle plastic. We have very little waste that is not recycleable.we have plenty of uses for the 55 gallon drums and also have them available for others to use.

We use LED lighting in our kitchen, and propane cook tops.

The water we use is from our well that gets 30 gallons a minute. We water our garden with a drip system to use less water.

I have 4 employees that are seasonal. We pick cucumbers in August and September and pickle them immediately after icing. We pickle other vegetables throughout the year..

Other Highlights:
Fresh pickles are the best! Come try them at one of our events! We have samples for you to taste!! Yummy!! Check our website for event dates.

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