About Us

The Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted label will allow consumers to trace products to their source, and understand all that this region offers: fertile soil, sustainable agriculture, quality ingredients, integrity and craftsmanship in production, and a rich food culture.


Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted will give our region’s food and beverages recognition throughout the West as the best the land has to offer. The phrase will be an assurance of quality, a premium brand that will stand out among its peers. Consumers will know that whether they are buying corn, strawberries, herbs, wine or honey, if it says Willamette Valley Grown or Willamette Valley Crafted, its taste will be unrivaled.

This is a region where food, land and people are inextricably joined. Underneath the fierce independence of the Willamette Valley’s earliest growers and food innovators was a collective ethic: to live off the land in a way that preserves it for future generations. It continues today.

The Willamette Valley Grown and Crafted label positively impacts our local economy.

  • Increases the visibility of locally grown and value-added products for area consumers
  • Identifies quality Willamette Valley products for statewide, national and international buyers
  • Generates awareness of the quality and diversity of Willamette Valley’s agricultural products
  • Showcases the many high caliber food processing businesses located in our region
  • Positions our regional products as prized and valuable
  • Invites visitors to share the bounty and identifies the region as a food tourism destination

Vision and Values


To be known as a leading food producing region, rich in food history, culture and quality ingredients; a place where food and beverages of uniquely sustainable, local and healthy qualities originate.


  • We care for the earth and benefit from its nurturing influence.
  • We live and work sustainably.
  • Our community creates distinctive, high-quality food and beverage products.
  • We celebrate the spirit of independence.
  • Collaborate to make things better for all.

For more than a decade, the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition (501c3) and the Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance (501c6) have promoted local farms and food businesses. Now these nonprofits are teaming up to advance the regional food brand, Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted.

The Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance’s is a regional trade association of natural food businesses that has laid a foundation for establishing the Willamette Valley as a premiere source of natural foods. Shared values, relationships, education, and sustainable business practices link farms and businesses in all corners of Lane County.