Board and Staff

Amy Bradsher photo

Amy Bradsher, Secretary

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), Deputy Director
As a community, we need to ensure that our local food production is sustainable and rewarding for the people involved. I appreciate the opportunity to do what I can to support and grow our local food system.

Bri Matthews

Travel Lane County, Destination Development Manager
One of the major reasons I moved from the East Coast to the Willamette Valley was the draw of world-class wines, abundant accessible local foods, and a thriving beer scene. I never visited Oregon before, but read stories of the vibrant culture rooted to practicing and advocating for sustainable local food systems. It’s no surprise that I moved, food simply put is my passion – and I want to share it with locals and visitors. I’m excited to start marketing this agricultural heartland to the world through the Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted brand!

Christopher Foxing

Café Mam, Wholesale Accounts Manager
Living in the Pacific NorthWest for close to a couple decades now, I am continually reminded of how fortunate all of us are to be here. We're in one of the friendliest corners of the globe with a wonderful climate and lovely seasonal variation, allowing us to build a sustainable way of life. I'm proud to be a part of, and work with, organizations and businesses that aim to connect our communities with the food and products we produce right here in the Willamette River Valley.

Darcey Howard

Coconut Bliss, Director of Marketing
My personal mission is to see that more people have a positive relationship with the food they eat. One way to fulfill that is by connecting myself to the bounty of good food that is grown and crafted in this region and be an advocate for it within my community and the rest of the world. I believe that the Willamette Valley has the ability to become a true food destination for adventurous and conscious souls that actively seek an experience with the food they eat.

Jana DiSanti

Mountain Rose Herbs, Marketing Strategist
I’ve spent my career promoting businesses that strive to better the world, and I love how passionately our Willamette Valley community supports that mission! I firmly believe that rethinking our food system is essential for worldwide human and ecological health, and I’m thrilled to help support WVSFA members in providing locally and responsibly grown and crafted offerings to their customers.

Janice Daniels

ShelterCare, Development Associate
I believe local, sustainable food is the core of a healthy life, community, and planet! It is truly an honor to live in the Willamette Valley, a region where so many of my food choices not only make a positive impact on my community, but the entire planet as well. I feel spoiled to have so many growers and crafters as my neighbors, to live in a community where nearly anything can be found handmade, and to be helping WVSFA spread the word about it all.

Lisa Quaid, Treasurer

Principle, Quaid Consulting
We are lucky to live in the Willamette Valley, a place that is incredibly rich with local food producers who care deeply about good, clean, fair food. Repeatedly I've witnessed the power that local businesses have to bring real change to our food system.I'm excited to be involved with the launching of the Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted brand in support of these businesses.
Lynne Fessenden photo

Lynne Fessenden, President

Glory Bee, Save the Bee Program Coordinator
Everyone eats. We all have a food story, which makes our food system work so powerful. After working to promote local farms for over a decade and being a partner in the genesis of Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted, I have joined the WVSFA board to see our regional food brand launched!
Yaakov Levine

Yaakov Levine, Vice President

Natural Grocer, Nutritional Health Coach
I appreciate the opportunity to support the thriving and growing local and sustainable food and beverage industry in the Willamette Valley.


Crystal Rose Bryan

Crystal Rose Bryan

Marketing Manager, Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted
I spent my formative years on the McKenzie River and I could not be more thrilled to be back in such a special place. Having worked as publicist in Hollywood for nearly a decade, I happily re-prioritized and changed my trajectory working in the renewable energy and organic food industries. I have a passion for socioeconomic solutions that have the potential to reinvigorate communities. Locally produced food is a solution that connects us!