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We invite you to taste the quality ingredients of the Willamette Valley!

The Willamette Valley’s fertile soil and long growing season support a robust and diverse array of agricultural products. The valley’s unusually deep and rich soils were deposited during glacial flood episodes at the end of the last ice age. It was the combination of good soil and mild climate that made this valley the destination of pioneer wagon trains on the Oregon Trail; this was the promised land of milk and honey.

Long recognized as a source of quality berries, orchard fruits, and hazelnuts, the Willamette Valley hit national and international maps with the Pinot Noir grape and the burgeoning wine industry. Today, in addition to berries, nuts, and wine grapes, Willamette Valley farms are growing more than 200 varieties of vegetables and orchard fruits, an array of grains and legumes, grass-fed beef and dairy, and hops are even making a comeback for the craft beer industry. Organic and sustainable farming practices are widely embraced and implemented.

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Long before the wine and craft beer industries took root, the Willamette Valley was a hotbed of food innovation. A culture of healthy food, quality ingredients, food processing creativity, and sustainable business practices has permeated our valley since Springfield Creamery started making yogurt in the late 60’s. Many pioneers of the natural foods movement in the 70’s hailed from Eugene/Springfield. Both valley farmers and food processors led the organic food movement in the 80’s and 90’s, and now the Willamette Valley is on the cutting edge of the local food movement.

Be it wine, beer, ice cream, or granola, Willamette Valley products share a culture of place, innovation, artisan quality, integrity and sustainability.

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