Agrarian Ales

We Grow Beer from the Roots of Our Farm. Agrarian Ales is an authentic hop farm brewery located in the Willamette Valley, the heart of Oregon. We are a true table on the farm . . . growing from field, to brewery, to glass is the true essence of what makes us Agrarian. Ingredient driven beer and cuisine is our passion.

Today, Agrarian Ales is producing world-class ales from hops, chilis, produce, and herbs grown on-site, as well as organic grains and fruit direct from our neighboring farmer friends.

98% of our ingredients come from our farm or farms and processors within 100 mile radius.

Agrarian Ales is committed to sourcing local because supporting local farms and processors is at the heart of creating a sustainable community.

Agrarian Ales
3115 W Crossroads Lane, Eugene, OR 97408
Phone: (541) 632-3803

Sustainability highlights:
We are certified by BRING Recycling’s Re:think Business Program on resource and waste management.

Find our products at:
Locally-minded restaurants and pubs, and at the Lane County Farmers Market on Saturdays.