Cattail Creek Lamb

Cattail Creek Lamb meat is tender with the best flavor found anywhere, distinctively lamb but sweet and mild with no gaminess. Our lambs are 100% grass fed and spend their lives grazing pasture and crops to which no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have been applied, mostly certified organic by Oregon Tilth. They are not fed hormones or antibiotics. Sheep are raised on Vitality Farms’ 1000 acres south of Corvallis, Oregon. Livestock are pastured year-round.

Cattail Creek Lamb
95363 Grimes Road, Junction city, OR 97448
Phone: (541) 998-8505

Certifications: Food Alliance Certified

Farming Practices: All properties are currently in transition to or have completed organic certification. Animal Husbandry: Egg laying birds are 100% free range and pastured. Although Cattail Creek Lamb is not certified organic, medical interventions are kept to a minimum. No hormones. We use management intensive grazing practices. In addition to pasture the sheep consume hay harvested from our own fields plus minerals and salts.

Desired Customers: Chefs, grocery stores, institutions, distributors, processors

Find our products at:
The Kiva in Eugene, First Alternative Co-op in Corvallis, Gathering Together Farm Stand in Philomath, and many fine restaurants in Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis