Toby’s Family Foods

Toby’s Family Foods produces simple, tasty dressings, dips, and spreads made with ingredients you can feel good about. We’re still the same Eugene-based, family-owned company that started in 1978, made up of passionate people who believe in creating food for a reason.

Toby’s Family Foods is committed to sourcing local because it allows small businesses to flourish, keeps our community unique by supporting one-of-a-kind businesses and reduces environmental impacts by using fewer resources and less energy. We always try to support local farmers first. If we can’t find an ingredient locally, we’ll work with a local vendor who can source the ingredient for us.

23% of all our ingredients from Oregon, and 72% come from Oregon and Washington. We source 97% of the ingredients in Toby’s Dressings & Dips from farms or processors in Oregon and Washington; 90% of the ingredients in Toby’s Tofu Spreads come from farms or processors in Washington and Vancouver, BC.

Toby’s Family Foods
1160 Shelley St., Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 689-8506,

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