Winter Green Farm

Our organic, biodynamic farm provides fruit and vegetables for our CSA program and area farmers markets. In addition, we offer grass-fed organic beef each fall, plus wholesale pesto and burdock root. We view our farm as a living organism and we strive to create a healthy farm ecosystem. We feel the health of our farm is reflected in the quality of the food we produce. Sharing our farm with the wider community is important to us, thus we provide thousands of pounds of produce to our food bank, accept Food Stamps for CSA payment, and offer financial assistance for low-income families.

Winter Green Farm
89762 Poodle Creek Rd., Noti, OR 97461
Phone: (541) 935-1920

USDA Certified Organic, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, Salmon Safe, Grassfed

Farming Practices:
We follow certified organic standards and embrace biodynamic farming methods. The vast majority of our fertility is produced on-farm. We view this as one sign of a farm in biological balance. The backbone of our fertility program is farm-made well-ripened compost, green manure crops, careful crop rotation, and pasturage of our grazing stock.
Animal Husbandry: We use pasture management-intensive practices with a six-year rotation program. We grow nutritive pasture where our animals graze during the growing season, and we create our own silage and hay to feed them in the winter months. We raise heritage breeds.

2002 – Oregon Tilth “Producer of the Year” for commitment to integrity in biologically sound and socially equitable agriculture
2009 – Crop Farm Award for Excellence from the Oregon Organic Coalition

Traditional, heirloom and root vegetables, ethnic specialty crops, salad and other greens, herbs, berries, beef

Extended Season Products:
Beets, cabbage, carrots, celeriac, onions, parsnips, potatoes, squash, turnips

Value-added Products:
Organic tomato sauce, organic strawberry spread, organic pesto and pesto base

Desired Customers:
Individual customers at farmers markets, subscribers to CSA program, people interested in touring our farm, chefs, grocery stores, institutions, processors, distributors

Find our products:
Farmers Markets: Eugene – Lane County Farmers Market (Tues, Thurs, Sat), and our Wednesday farm stand at Emmaus Lutheran Church on 18th and Polk
Portland & Hollywood Farmers Market, Portland Farmers Market (PSU)
Grocers: Capella Market, The Kiva, Sundance Natural Foods