Membership Benefits

Website Exposure

  • Your business profile on Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted website with member logo, photos and embedded link to your site

25,000 Printed Guide Exposure

  • Profile in the Locally Grown Guide (print guide/magazine) with a circulation of 25,000
  • Discounts on display ads
  • Company profile included in online version of guide (eMagazine)

Unlimited License Use

  • Of the Willamette Valley Grown or Willamette Valley Crafted logo on your website and on product packaging

Marketing and PR Opportunities

  • Use of WVGC pre-printed and fully branded marketing materials
  • Various print, digital, and social media ads promoting the brand throughout the valley (and eventually the region)
  • Annual promotional events
  • A rotating Spotlight ad on WVGC website’s home page will be available for an additional expense

Industry-wide networking

  • Local and regional opportunities with potentially 150+ like-minded businesses, including workshops and panel discussions on industry/food sector issues

Membership Criteria

Sustainable agricultural and business practices are at the heart of Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted. However, we know there are many interpretations of both. If not participating in certified programs, it is expected that all members will be actively working toward improving their sustainability practices. We believe that consumers deserve full transparency, therefore we ask that businesses interested in becoming members pledge to share their farming, processing and business practices in their member profiles.

To become a member

  • Your business or farm/ranch must be located in the Willamette Valley and owned by an Oregon resident. (Exceptions may be made for businesses started by an Oregon resident where the main production facilities remain rooted in the Willamette Valley.)
  • Business must be a registered organization with the state’s corporate division and must have an EIN (not social security number) registered with the IRS. Willamette Valley Grown & Crafted memberships are not available for individuals.
  • In the spirit of full transparency, your business agrees to share farming, processing and business practices in your application and your member profile.
  • Complete the online application. After submitting your application, you will be contacted by a member of our advisory team.


Number of Employees* Annual Fee
1 $ 150
2 to 5 $ 200
6 to 10 $ 300
11 to 25 $ 500
26 to 50 $ 750
51 to 100 $1,000
101+ $ 1,500


*Number of Employees is defined as the annual AVERAGE full-time equivalent staff, including seasonal and migrant workers.

Download application

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